Come and make dives with
SNORKEL® Diving Center

Come and make dives with
SNORKEL® Diving Center

Departures schedule

Reservations should be made by phone: +34 972 30 27 16

You have to be at the diving center ONE HOUR before departure time, if not your reservation will be considered cancelled. , SNORKEL®, as the right to change the opening times and dive sites at the latest moment.

(*) Medes: Reservations should be made in advance. They can be cancelled if there are not enough reservations made.
You shoul call one day before (sunday morning) to confirm.

(**) NIGHT DIVES: Minimum 6 divers and dives should be paid beforehand due to closing time.

(***) In the afternoon slip minimum 4 divers.

You can find more information if you click on the different dive sites.

Date Meeting Time Departure Time Notes Diving point
05/22/2019 09:00h 10:00h -- Boreas
  16:00h 16:30h -- Roca Montiell
05/23/2019 09:00h 10:00h -- Roca del President
  16:00h 16:30h -- Ullastre II
05/24/2019 09:00h 10:00h -- Ullastre III
  16:00h 16:30h -- Ullastre I
05/25/2019 09:00h 10:00h -- Llosa Cala Nova (Canons/Cañones)
  11:00h 12:00h -- Ullastre II
  15:30h 16:00h -- Furió Aigua Gelida
05/26/2019 08:00h 09:00h -- Ullastre III
  11:00h 12:00h -- Ullastre I
  14:30h 15:00h -- Ullastre II
05/27/2019 ( Closed )
05/28/2019 09:00h 10:00h -- Roca Montiell
05/29/2019 09:00h 10:00h -- Ullastre I
  16:00h 16:30h -- Ullastre III
05/30/2019 08:00h 09:00h -- Les Formigues / interior (Futura Reserva)
  14:30h 15:00h -- Ullastre II
  16:00h 17:00h COMPLETO (full) Les Formigues / interior (Futura Reserva)
05/31/2019 08:30h 09:00h -- Furió Aigua Gelida
  10:00h 11:00h COMPLETO (full) Ullastre I
  14:30h 15:00h -- Ullastre I
  16:00h 16:30h COMPLETO (full) Furió Aigua Gelida
06/01/2019 08:30h 09:00h -- Llosa Cala Nova (Canons/Cañones)
  10:00h 11:00h COMPLETO (full) Llosa Cala Nova (Canons/Cañones)
  14:30h 15:00h -- Ullastre III
  16:00h 16:30h COMPLETO (full) Ullastre III
06/02/2019 08:30h 09:00h -- Roca del President
  14:30h 15:00h -- Ullastre I
06/03/2019 ( Closed )


  • VACATIONS From November 15th 2017 to March 20th 2018
  • The first boat departure will be on 1st of April (if reservations made).
  • Groups: we can arrange other opening times.