Come and make dives with
SNORKEL® Diving Center

Come and make dives with
SNORKEL® Diving Center

Diving Points

Roca del President

Travelling time: 10 minutes

100 metres offshore in front of the Cala del Cau, there is a rock at a depth of 21 metres which has two peaks. At the start of the dive you can see groupers (Epinephelus guaza), white sea bream (Diplodus sargus), giltheads (Sparus auratus) in a cloud of anxious damselfish (Chromis chromis) to escort you.

To the East it descends gently with many fissures and small caves containing colonies of red coral (Corallium rubrum), lobsters (Palinurus elephas), Little Cape Town lobster (Sycllarus arctus) and perhaps another type of lobster (Homarus gammarus) cleverly hidden.

This area has many sea squirts (Halocynthia papillosa), sea urchins (Echinus acutus), violet sea urchins (Sphae-rechinus granularis), starfish (Hacella attenuata) and can reach a maximum depth of 42 metres.

Nearby are some rocks of minor importance whose North sides are covered with red gorgonia (Paramucea clavata and Euncella cavolinii) and going past them you may see superb stingray (Dasyatis pastinaca) cleverly clinging to the sand and the odd monkfish (Lopphius piscatorius) asleep.

Great shoals of saddled bream (Obladamelanura) and needlefish (Belone belone) are to be seen here.