Come and make dives with
SNORKEL® Diving Center

Come and make dives with
SNORKEL® Diving Center

Diving Points

Furió Aigua Gelida

Travelling time: 20 minutes

After Tamariu and in front of the cove bearing its name this underwater mountain is 100 metres from the coastline. It rises timidly from the sea and forms two islets of 2 and 3 metres high.

A narrow passageway 5 metres deep separates them and terminates in a small cave with a chimney at a distance of 14 metres.

This is an ideal spot for a club outing where the divers, depending on their experience, can start with flat surfaces at 11 metres which are full of fissures with coral and shy fork beards and follow huge versants downwards covered with gorgonias at 42 metres.

The versants are a refuge for lobsters, groupers and some unpleasant species that are usually camouflaged. The most common species are: red coral, lobsters, Little Cape Town lobster, black squat lobster, etc.