Come and make dives with
SNORKEL® Diving Center

Come and make dives with
SNORKEL® Diving Center

Diving Points

Furió de Fitó

Length of dive: 30 minutes

Between Cap de Bagur and Punta de Es Plom, this formidable underwater mountain rises majestically. It is affected by strong currents from the Gulf of Lions and this means that it is for experienced divers only.

The summit - at a depth of 14 metres, is frequently visited by deep water fish. The northern face drops vertically to 54 metres and is covered by numerous immense gorgonia amongst which are hidden lobsters, groupers, fork beards, and as if they were guardians, the defiant and enormous crabs.

The southern face descends gradually to 28 metres. Here the most abundant species are white gorgonias, morays, conger eels and large octopuses.