Come and make dives with
SNORKEL® Diving Center

Come and make dives with
SNORKEL® Diving Center

Try a Dive

With modern equipment

This introduction into diving can take place in the swimming pool or in sea. Under direct supervision of the instructor you will feel the sensation of breathing underwater.

Minimum age: according to FEDAS standards and local laws.
Duration: 30 minutes (dive time).
Included: scuba equipment, insurance and diploma.

RATES (With modern equipment)
Try a dive in the pool Teorics + Pool + Insurance
+ Certification
55 €
Try a dive in sea Teorics + Sea + Insurance
+ Certification
65 €


With classic equipment

Last september 19th we made the first try dive as a classical in divecenter SNORKEL® in Llafranc (Costa Brava-Spain).

Due to the special equipment (suit, weights, boots, ....) our diver Alex needed the help of some co-workers to get to the swimming pool where he made the try dive as a classical diver.

Once in the water, the experience of being fully dressed as a classical diver and depending on the continuous air supply for the surface, made it into something incredible.

After some minutes the try dive as a classical diver ended and Alex comes back to the surface, where his co-workers are waiting him.